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We provide Deburring services that finish your products with the highest precision. Deburring is critical to the assembly process.

Compared to Sandblasting, Glass Bead Blasting provides a gentler way to clean or strip your product without causing damage to the material.

We also use Tumbling as a way of deburring your products. Tumbling is used to burnish, deburr, clean, de-flash, descale. This process prepares products for further finishing.

Performed at a higher pressure than Glass Bead Blasting, and unlike using a glass bead forum, Sandblasting has the ability to shape and smooth the underlying material.

Our Saw Cutting process has the ability to precision cut your product at high volumes while maintaining specified tolerances.

Our capabilities range from plating the largest cylinders to flash chroming your smallest parts.

We have the ability to heat your product either pre-grind or post-grind.

Our CNC turning and machining capabilities enable us to pass along the most competitive grind to our customers.

For complex shapes and holes that warrant a highest degree of accuracy and top-quality finished product is required.

Thread Grinding allows us to create both inner and outer threads on your product that are of higher accuracy than turning tools, taps, dies, etc.

Belt Sanding / Time Saver

Belt Sanding / Time Saver – This machine can deburr, precision grind and round an edge with high quality and a beautiful finish. This is applicable to a variety of different kinds of metals, such as copper, aluminum, stainless steels and mild steels.

Chrome Plating

Chrome Plating – items that require a chrome-grind-chrome process are easily managed under our supervision making the outsourcing for our customers easy. Let us be your one-stop shop.


Deburring – If your materials need the burr knocked off or a cosmetic change tumbling and deburring are great options for that final step. Glass bead blasting and sandblasting are perfect for the delicate material that can’t be nicked. With multiple Sweco, hex and globe tumblers we have the ability to give parts the perfect polish.

Heat Treating

Heat Treating – When heat treating is required on your ground parts, we will use a reputable source and manage your job from start to finish making UGC the perfect one-stop shop.

Saw Cutting

Saw Cutting – With our Cohen and band saws we can cut material to our customers desired lengths. Even material that is too bent to grind can be salvaged by removing the crooked ends.

Group List

  • In House

    Bar Straightening

    Belt Sanding

    Remanufacture Spindles and Shafts

    Saw Cut

    Sandblast / Glass Bead Blast / Tumble / Deburr

  • Outsource

    Chrome Plating

    Heat Treating


  • We Grind

    Spindles and Shafts

    Screw Machined Parts


Double Disc Grinding
Centerless Infeed Grinding
Centerless Bar & Tube Grinding
ID /OD Grinding