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Need to know grinding knowledge

As cutting tool orders continue their recovery from disruptions due to the pandemic, there is a need in the market for high performing tools that provide a better value proposition to the end-user. During the first session, Norton | Saint Gobain experts, Philip Varghese and Alfredo Barragan, will discuss grinding product tiers and their key technology differences that help significantly lower cost per part when grinding cutting tools. Relevant end-user case studies involved in flute grinding, OD and clearance grinding of round tools (end mills, drills), as well as periphery and form grinding of inserts (carbide, PCBN) will be presented. Attendees will also get a sneak peek at the next generation products for round tool grinding and insert grinding that are being actively pursued and tested in the cutting tool market by Norton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives.

The second session will highlight the Strausak model ONE, the new flexible 5-axis CNC tool grinding machine for the orthopedic industry. The machine allows particularly long flute length which is common with surgical drills and reamers. This scalable model has been designed so that any options can be upgraded and retrofitted at any time during the life of the machine to help the user to stay competitive in a dynamic and unpredictable environment. Kris Zellmann, Strausak’s National Sales Manager for the U.S. will lead the presentation. Strausak is a member of the Swiss Rollomatic Group of Companies specializing in the design and manufacturing of high precision CNC machines for production grinding and resharpening of cutting tools as well as orthopedic instruments and implants.

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