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Want to learn more about Bar straightening? These machines emerge in the metalworking to apply solutions to warped and distorted bar pieces caused by severe heat treating, welding as well as cooling.

Below are few of the advantages straightening can bring to your bars:

Gives accurate surface finish to a wide variety of workpieces

Straightening is the easiest method among machining operations and delivers higher accuracy for a variety of workpieces. During the course of operation, there’s no need to worry about cracking in the workpiece because machines can maximize correction and won’t exceed this limit.

Easy to handle with manual adjustment function

Straightening machines have manual functions that you can adjust anytime to keep the machines stable. These machines have an automatic switch (automatic start button) that you can just operate to start completing a series of work while putting large control the labor used – for an improved efficiency.


Bar straightening can be applied after high-frequency quenching treatment which gives bars high hardness and wears resistance. Straightening wheels are ten times stronger than ordinary wheels which can handle severe operations. Straightening alloy wheels and cutters can be repeatedly used many times but still bring bars to enhanced hardness and longer life.

Saves energy

Straightening alloy wheels are used for faster, easier operation. Since these machines can determine and correct surface errors, reinforced bar damages are small. Straightening machines are also notable for using low power.

Gives desired shape

Straightening can minimize distortion and warping caused by heat-treated operations. It will just take a few adjustments depending on the degree of bending steel to ensure workpiece integrity. Bar straightening machines can determine the workpiece, seeing whether it can meet the requirement or give feedback to the operator.

Straightening machines are compact in design, lightweight, and can be easily installed – and require less supervision in operation since they can determine the degree of the workpiece. They cut and straighten workpieces easily with low noise. These high performing machines can straighten and cut off bars automatically. Their high straightening speed gives way for cutting small errors and zero distortion.

Those advantages mentioned above are concluded by statistics in the machining process. Operators mostly opt for bar straightening methods for more convenient and safer production.

We include bar straightening in our machining solutions.

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