Components of Centerless Grinding

Many have heard about centerless grinding, but it is an obscure process often only familiar in name. The three basic types of centerless grinding are through-feed, in-feed and end-feed. In each case, the fundamental configuration of a machine is identical. The three primary components of a centerless grinder are the grinding wheel, regulating wheel and […]

Grinding advances: Improvements in technology now make grinding an option for finishing exotic materials and 3D-printed parts

Aerospace parts manufacturers face numerous machining and finishing challenges, one being the introduction of new alloyed materials. To increase fuel efficiency and produce lighter planes, incorporating materials that are lighter, stronger, and can better manage heat is crucial. While these alloys have amazing characteristics, they can sometimes be difficult to process, resulting in the need […]

What is ID / OD Grinding

OD grinders work on the external (outside) surface of an object as it is rotated between the centers. With ID grinding, small amounts of material are removed from a part to finish off its inner surface. Using ID / OD grinding process, U.G.C. can assure a fine, high-quality finish on applications that include automotive bushings, […]

4 Types of Surface Finishes and When to Use Them

Surface finishing is a vital part of many manufacturing projects. How the exterior surfaces of a part or component are made ready for use is important to the manufacturing process. Once a surface is ‘finished’, it will not usually be subjected to any other processing. There are several different types of surface finishes. Understanding them […]

Grind to Finish: A Postprocessing Solution for Additive Manufacturing

The increased use of additive manufacturing (AM) in the aerospace and medical markets fosters a growing need to finish the surfaces of additive parts to meet final application requirements. Since the additive manufacturing process is capable of producing components close to near-net shape, there is often little stock that remains for providing final finish. This […]

Build plates build back better with rotary surface grinding

Technical writer, Del Williams examines advanced rotary surface grinders and how they can enable efficient, precise resurfacing of the metal additive manufacturing build plate, improving productivity and quality. Industries like aerospace and automotive are increasingly relying on metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) to expeditiously create weight-saving components with complex geometries, different material properties, and minimal setup […]

Rotary surface grinders help to streamline build plate resurfacing

A number of metal Additive Manufacturing processes require the part to be cut from the build plate once finished. All residual metal left on the build plate between each build requires removal and the build plate needs to be completely level and correctly textured prior to additively manufacturing the next part. In series production, this […]

A road map for grinding and finishing stainless steel

Imagine a fabricator lands a contract involving critical stainless steel fabrication. Sheet metal and tubular sections flow through cutting, bending, and welding, then land at the finishing station. The part consists of a plate welded vertically to a tube. The weld looks OK, but it’s not the stack-of-dimes perfection the customer is looking for. So […]

Advanced Grinding Solutions at GrindingHub

No less than eight of Advanced Grinding Solutions’ principals are exhibiting at the forthcoming GrindingHub exhibition including Rollomatic in Hall 7 on Stand C70, Tschudin and HandlingTech in Hall 9 on Stand D5, Bahmuller in Hall 10 on Stand D70, Krebs & Riedel in Hall 10, Stand E30, Comat in Hall 10 on Stand B44, […]

How to Select Grinding Media for your Application

Grinding machines use friction, attrition, or compression to smooth out a metal product’s surface. There are several types of grinding machines designed to deliver different levels of finite smoothness. For example, a ball-grinding mill is an excellent fine grinder for cement products, but may not work for more extensive smoothing projects. Most metal grinding machines […]