We were discussing “Basic Principle of grinding” in our previous post, where we have discussed the fundamentals of grinding process, abrasives materials and various factors affecting the work piece surface created by grinding process. Today we will continue with the classifications of grinding process, applications of grinding process and finally we will see the advantage […]

Productive Grinding of Superalloys

Since the early days of metallurgy, alloys have evolved to meet performance requirements. Just as hard steels were developed for swords in ancient times, today tough, heat- and corrosion-resistant alloys are being developed for demanding applications such as nuclear power components, high-performance automotive parts and jet engine turbine blades, vanes, shrouds and disks able to […]

A Matter of Grit and Grade

Grit, grade, bond and grinding speed all affect the process of choosing the right grinding wheel for the job. If you’re looking for a grinding wheel, you’ll soon discover there is no shortage of types from which to choose. The market has wheels of every size, style, manner and description. The problem is not a […]

Eight tips for effective grinding

In this business, grinding is where the rubber hits the road, or more precisely, where the grain hits the metal. At every process upstream, most precision sheet metal fabricators employ at least some level of automation. But there’s no getting around it: Grinding down a weld on a formed workpiece is and probably will remain […]

New grinding technology show shaping up well for May premiere

GrindingHub, the new trade show for grinding technology, is set to premiere from 17 to 22 May in Stuttgart. Around 340 well-known exhibitors from more than 20 countries have already signed up for the first event which underpins GrindingHub’s intention to become a major international hub for the sector. “There is a great sense of […]

Need to know grinding knowledge

As cutting tool orders continue their recovery from disruptions due to the pandemic, there is a need in the market for high performing tools that provide a better value proposition to the end-user. During the first session, Norton | Saint Gobain experts, Philip Varghese and Alfredo Barragan, will discuss grinding product tiers and their key […]

Gunning for quality

Analyzing the chemistry of inbound material has long been beneficial for buyers of scrap metal, with different aluminum, stainless and red metal alloys yielding different prices on the market. Methods of identification and analysis have evolved over the course of several decades, but one of the bigger leaps came about in the 1990s when hand-held […]

Taking on the Tough Stuff

It may not be as marvelous as learning that the COVID-19 vaccines are over 90 percent effective, but here’s some good pandemic news: Some of the key players in grinding used the break from constant selling to finish the development and testing needed to introduce exciting new technology. Let’s start with improvements to continuous dress […]


Grinding Machines and Types Machines in which grinding wheels are fitted and grinding is done, such machines are called grinding machines. On the basis of their function, they can be divided into two parts. Ordinary grinding machines are widely used. These are called rough or snagging grinders. The following types of grinders are included in […]

4 Types of Grinding Machines

A grinding machine or grinder is an industrial power tool that uses an abrasive wheel for cutting. There are various grinding machine types, each with a different purpose. Here’s a look at some of the most common types of precision grinding machines from Maximum Advantage-Carolinas. Surface Grinders A surface grinder consists of an abrasive wheel, […]