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What is ID / OD Grinding

OD grinders work on the external (outside) surface of an object as it is rotated between the centers. With ID grinding, small amounts of material are removed from a part to finish off its inner surface.

Using ID / OD grinding process, U.G.C. can assure a fine, high-quality finish on applications that include automotive bushings, gear bores, shives, cams, etc. Angles and radii can be produced internally and externally on many parts. Piston rods, boring bars, and all types of shafting (8″ x 20′ long) can be ground on centers. These items can be furnished complete to your blueprint specifications or remanufactured to meet your needs.

Cylindrical grinding is also known as “between centers” or “o.d.” grinding. It is utilized for the grinding of multiple diameter shafts and parts where concentricity to the center line or concentricity between one or more diameters is important. It is also used for bigger work that exceeds the capacity of our centerless grinding machines.

O.D./I.D. & universal grinders have multiple grinding wheel spindles to facilitate the grinding of multiple o.d.’s, i.d’s, faces, angles, & radii. Parts can be held either between centers or in a chuck, and multiple operations can often be done in a single setup as well as jig grinding.

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