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Various grinding methods

Surface grinding is generally called Heiken or Hiraken, which uses either a vertical axis grinding machine or a horizontal axis grinding machine, with a square table or a circular table, and a straight type wheel or a cup type wheel.

The workpiece is fixed on a table and the wheel is rotated at high speed to perform grinding. The double-ended type is equipped with wheels above and below to perform grinding the workpiece in between. Surface grinding is the most common grinding method and is used in a wide range of fields.

Cylindrical grinding

Cylindrical grinding is often called Enken, using either a cylindrical grinding machine or a universal grinding machine.
Both the cylindrical workpiece and the wheel are rotated and the outer periphery of the workpiece is machined.
The various grinding methods include straight cylindrical, taper, end face, and total shape grinding.
Similar to surface grinding, it is a general grinding method in wide use.

Internal grinding

Internal grinding is also called Naiken, using an internal grinding machine or a cylindrical grinding machine, or internal grinding equipment attached to a universal grinding machine.

The workpiece is fixed and the inner surface of the workpiece is machined with the rotating axle wheel. Grinding may sometimes be performed by rotating the workpiece. Similar to the cylindrical grinding, the grinding method includes taper and end face grinding.

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