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Universal Grinding: Optimizes Rough Grinding Efficiency with Taper Dressing

As stated by CTE Magazine’s Grinding Expert: In the world of grinding, maximizing the efficiency of rough grinding is crucial. Currently, with an overlap ratio of 8.0, only one-eighth of the wheel is actively grinding, leaving seven-eighths underutilized. To overcome this limitation, consider dressing a taper into the wheel.

By dressing a flat into one-eighth of the wheel and a taper into the remaining seven-eighths, you can utilize almost the entire wheel for roughing while still adhering to specifications. Set the taper height slightly higher than the depth of cut (DOC), around 120%, similar to cylindrical peel grinding.

By applying the formula tangent(taper-angle) = taper-height/taper-width, you can achieve optimal results. In the example given, the taper angle is 0.05 degrees.

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Photo and article with all rights reserved, courtesy of www.ctemag.com