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How Often Should I Inspect My CNC Grinding Machine?

Curious how frequently you should be checking your CNC grinding machine?

According to Sturdy Grinding:

“If you are an owner of some manufacturing business, then you might already know how important these CNC grinding machines are. If one of these machines break down, it might cost you a lot of money in missed shipments and wasted production hours. Hence, it is of paramount importance to make sure your machines are prepared to run. So, now we are going to tell you how often you should inspect your CNC grinding machines, and what to look for during check-ups.

Daily maintenance

“At the end of days’ work, you might want to make sure these machines are prepared to run the very next day. Run the following checks –

  • “Lube level in these machines might be down. So, check and replenish if necessary
  • “Make sure the hydraulic fluids and hydraulic pressure are at optimum level
  • “Your machines might contain some sort of cooling system. If it does have one, make sure those are at optimum level
  • “Wipe all the working surfaces, and make sure these machines are clean and dry

Bi-annual maintenance

“You should hire a specialist every 6 months to run further check-ups and make sure of any potential threat within the system. He will perform following check-ups –

  • “Replace hydraulic fluid
  • “Replace any wiper that might be damaged
  • “Inspect chuck and jaws, and make sure they are working properly
  • “Replacement of any damaged line and suction filter
  • “Test the cooling unit and repair if necessary

Annual checkup

“Lastly, you should hire a specialist each year to perform some other tests. This time around, the specialist will run following tests –

  • “Inspect the spindle and make sure of any prevailing radial and end play
  • “X and Y- axis gibs should be checked and adjusted accordingly, if necessary
  • “Tailstocks should be checked for any prevailing tapering
  • “Running backlash program
  • “Chuck cylinder should be inspected and repaired if necessary…”

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