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Hypro Lapping
Hypro Lapping

The Hypro lap creates flatness on warped or distorted surfaces. Our hypro lap equipment is particularly adept at finishing non-magnetic materials when a high surface finish is required. Hypro lapping also has an impressively high production rate and can deliver finishes to 5 micro-inches, including tolerances to .0002″ flat and parallel within the same limit. Thin, small and odd-shaped parts, with a maximum diameter of 8″ can also be ground

Micro lapping and loose abrasive lapping is available using a wide variety of compounds and slurries. Lapping and polishing is used to achieve a specific surface finish, flatness and parallelism. During the lapping process, revolving flat surfaces abrade the ceramic part with a diamond or other abrasive lapping compound.

The surface finish is controlled through selection of the proper abrasive, pressure and lapping cycle. U.G.C. regularly works with a wide variety of materials, providing precision lapping and polishing for low volume custom jobs to high volume production. Whether lapping for stringent control of flatness or reducing thickness to provide a substrate commercially unavailable, our experience dates back to the early ’40s.


  • Thin
  • Small
  • Odd-Shaped Parts
  • Maximum Diameter of 8″
  • Finishes to 5 Micro-Inches
  • Flat to 0.0002″
  • Parallel to 0.0002″
  • Wide Variety of Materials
  • Great Precision Lapping & Polishing
  • High & Low Volume Production
  • Stringent Control of Flatness and Thickness Reduction