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Grinding Machine Series Updated to Improve Cycle Times

Junker has updated its 6S and 6L grinding machine series, adding new linear motors and hydrostatic guides. The company implemented updates to reduce cycle time, maintenance effort and energy expenditure.

The system is designed to offer easy access to all components in and on the machine. High-performance, linear drives along the X- and Z-axes are designed to allow high travel and acceleration values while reducing the assembly space. Table assemblies, such as workpiece spindles, tailstocks or steady rests, are installed on standardized universal construction boards, which can be positioned for various workpieces either automatically or manually. The machines offer a flexible component arrangement of table assemblies on guide rails in the working area which can be easily retooled.

All guides and motors are fully covered, which makes the grinding machine suitable for use with either emulsion or grinding oil as a coolant. The polymer concrete machine stand offers damping and high torsional stiffness, according to the company. The machine bed rinsing is meant to make maintenance easier. Piping for the media feed is integrated into the machine stand to allow for future grinding machine upgrades.

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