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Centerless Infeed and Thrufeed Grinding

Items that require centerless grind operations fit well into U.G.C’s diverse equipment, whether it requires a thrufeed or profile grind. Screw machine items manufactured from almost any material, shape, length or size can be profile ground. U.G.C. has a range of 1/16″ diameter up to 8″. We can also achieve steps, depths, lengths and radii of all degrees.

Thrufeed grinding can be utilized for bars, shafts, and miscellaneous parts. Parts of more than one diameter can be ground using the thrufeed process if the diameter being ground is the largest diameter on the part and it comprises the majority of the overall length. If multiple diameters need to be ground on the same part, thrufeeding can often be combined with other grinding processses to do the job efficiently.

Infeed grinding can be utilized for headed, flanged, or multiple-diameter parts which sometimes require two or more diameters to be ground. Single or multiple steps, angles, tapers, and radii can be ground. Tight concentricity can be maintained between multiple diameters. Diameters can also be ground eccentric from one another in certain situations.

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